Do you feel abandoned or taken advantage of? The ODA chose to shut down the Ride Safety program without even consulting the Ride Safety Advisory Board. Governor DeWine provide liquor rebates to restaurant and bars, and professional license fees were extended for MOST industries requiring licensing. The Ohio Inflatable industry and amusement ride companies sustained considerable financial loss and continue to endure cancellation of major events. Does ODA Support Ohio amusement operators? Please understand that Director Pelanda wants you to know that they are "continuing to collect fees" and also let you know that if there is a change of itinerary prior to to the 10 day restriction you are in violation of law. Please know that OIOA is working for fee reform and we understand your loss of business. We do know your business is suffering and we hope the State can also soon acknowledge that as well! We are approaching 100 signatures and encourage you to help us: #wecare