Governor Mike DeWine's Press Conference 4/27/2020:

-Stay Home Ohio Order will still be in place, no gatherings of 10 or more people.
-cases are going down.
-to fight we needed to keep social distance, increase testing and tracing, and we’ve done that but need to keep doing it.
-Increasing ability to trace.
-We have to open up Ohio but at the same time keep Ohioans safe.
-The real question is: HOW do we open up?
-ALL EMPLOYESS MUST WEAR MASKS. Conduct daily health assessments. Hygiene and sanitation.
-Business capacity to 50% of fire code.
-MAY 1: Healthcare procedures and surgeries that can be done without an overnight stay can be done. This includes dentists and vets. Some elective surgeries are not included in this yet as we still need to preserve PPE.
-MAY 4: Manufacturing, distribution, and construction can open up. New criteria apply to all regardless if they have remained open or not.
-MAY 4: General offices may be open but asking companies to allow people to still work from home where they can.
-MAY 12: Consumer, retail services open.
-Facemasks will need to be worn by consumers when entering a business. This is not a substitute for social distance.
-Facemasks or coverings will not be required, though they are strongly suggested, outside of a business setting.
-We need to do these things so we do not go backwards and shutdown again.
-We need to see how the numbers go before we open up other businesses like restaurant dining rooms and beauty salons. We’ve started down the path with the things we can easily control.
-We’re still working on ways to open up more things that tend to bring mass gatherings.