Governor Mike DeWine Press Conference 4/21/2020:

*numbers for 4/21/2020: 13,609 confirmed cases; 14,117 total cases; 16% are healthcare workers. 2,882 hospitalized; 880 ICU patients. 584 deaths, 610 total deaths. 87 counties. 54 counties have had at least 1 death. 97,998 tested.
5 day watch: Small drop in our cases but increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

From Gov. DeWine:
-Frist Ohio juvenile in JDC tested positive in Cuyahoga County. The juvenile has been isolated.
-“no essential” surgeries postponed has been clarified- these are surgeries and procedures that were never meant to be stopped. Doctors and hospitals in out-patient surgery centers are asked to reach out to reschedule these where medically appropriate. I.e., diagnostics, quality of life. Dental offices, etc. are still closed.
-CovidCare Line has been created for emotional support and assistance. 18007209616 is the number 8a-8p everyday then rolls over to a national number.
-If any employee feels that their employer is not following safety guideline they should call their local health department.

From Lt. Gov. Husted:
-Based on current projections the rainy day fund is not enough to cover the next 15 months- but we can change that. Funds things like education, health, and public safety. Economic consequences are about more than just businesses. We will fight back in many ways as we re-open Ohio.

Dr Acton:
-We all need to test with the same priorities: Priority 1: Hospitalized and Healthcare Workers. Priority 2: Individuals w/symptoms who are: in long term care/congregate facilities, first responders/critical infrastructure workers, 65 and older, living with underlying conditions. Priority 2a: individuals and staff with out symptoms who are: in long term care/congregate facilities with an outbreak. Priority 3: Other individuals with symptoms in areas with high COVID-19 hospitalizations.