Governor Mike DeWine's Press Conference 4/8/2020:

*5,148 confirmed cases; up 366. 1,495 hospitalizations; up 141. 472 ICU admissions; up 55. 83 counties. 53,341 tested. 193 deaths, up 24.

From Gov. DeWine: CO Dawson from Marian Prison passed away. Was 55 years old, he did have underlying health conditions.
-48 C.O.s in Ohio have tested positive. 21(?) inmates.
-We do not have enough PPE for every Ohioan who needs it.
-We are trying to get masks in from China but it is a struggle.
-Please still continue to report suspected child abuse to children services.
-Apple donated 100,000 N95 Masks! Thanks, Tim Cook!
-Your freedom of religion will not be stepped on- but religious leaders are strongly urged to not hold in-person services.
-Have not looked at hazard pay for essential workers right now (prison workers, store clerks)

Kimberly Hall, Director Ohio JFS:
-Unemployment is the department’s #1 priority.
-Delays will not impact funds received.

Lt. Gov. Husted:
-33,000+ jobs available online from 400+ employers that are considered CRITICAL at this time. If you can work, please apply.
-When will be “back to normal”? We are in a much better place than we thought we’d be but we are still deep in the mists of a health crisis. We would need a STEEP DECREASE, and even then we do not jump back into things. Hygiene, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be a part of our everyday lives still. Crowds and crowded areas will be “bad for a while for sure”- spaced seating, appointment only access.

From Dr. Acton:
-Do not stop social distancing.
-Following SIR models. We want our amount of doubling time to extend to 10-12 days or longer.
-initial peak was 9,800, now that projection is 1,600 – SOCIAL DISTANCE IS WORKING, but it’s still a load of work for our hospitals.
-Our buildouts will not have to be as great if we keep social distancing.


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