Governor Mike DeWine's News Conference 4-7-2020

4,782 confirmed cases; up 332. 1,354 hospitalizations, up 140. 417 ICU admissions(9%), up 46. 167 deaths, up 25. 50,838 tested. 81 counties.

From Gov. DeWine:
-SNAP recipients will receive additional benefits, maximum benefits.
-Liquor control has met- you can buy 2 drinks per order of prepackaged alcoholic drinks from restaurants with a carry out order.
-We must do all that we can do to protect prison staff. We have a responsibility to protect inmates. We must also protect the public from those who might cause them harm. Prison intake is down about 20%.
-More prisoners that Gov. is asking for release because we are in an emergency: inmates with a release date within 90 days. Not asking for every one of them to be released; not those with homicide, sexual, hate crimes, DV, those who have been denied in the past, those who have been in an OH prison before, no warrants, those with multiple offenses of breaking prisons rules. 143(?) These all are in min. security prisons.
-Second group of prisoners: age 60+ with a chronic health condition. Must have served at least half of their sentence; similar violators listed above not eligible. A total of 26 inmates statewide. Asking judges to waive the 60-day notice so that these matters maybe taken directly to the parole board. Any victims will still be notified. Conditions would be applied to release, any violation would send prisoners back.

Lt. Gov. Husted:
-more help for small businesses on website
-thousands of jobs available

Dr. Acton:
-our actions predict our outcome.
-Social distancing is working.
-We do have a few tough weeks ahead of us- we have not peaked yet.