Governor Mike DeWine's News Conference Recap 4/4/2020:

*Confirmed Cases: 3,739; up 427. Hospitalizations: 1,006 up 111. ICU patients: 326, up 38. Deaths: 102 (up 11). Ages: less then 1 to 101. 51% female, 48% female. 41,871 tested.

Allen County has 15 confirmed cases, Hardin Co. 1, Auglaize 6

*NEW ORDER*- extending telehealth- no longer need an initial face to face visit first.

From Gov. DeWine:
-hospital build out is a work in progress
-CDC now recommends wearing a mask in public. Homemade ones are ok but are not a substitute for social distancing.

Lt. Gov. Husted:
-List Wi-Fi hotspots on COVID website if you are an internet provider
-By mail voting only- request your absentee ballot.
-Lots of jobs are available.

Dr. Acton:
-all ages are hospitalized
-deaths in young people who had no pre-existing conditions
-the curve is continuing to flatten
-we’re changing this from category 5 hurricane to a hurricane 3
-medical grade masks should be saved for medical devices
-certain materials should not be used- videos coming. You should not be able to see through the material. Wash your face and hands before you use your masks.
-Wear the cape and the mask.