Governor Mike DeWine's News Conference Recap 4/3/2020:

*Confirmed Cases: 3,312; up 410. 73% are not hospitalized, 20% are healthcare workers, 9% are from long-term care facilities. Hospitalizations: 895 (27%); up 93. ICU patients: 288 (9%), up 28. Deaths: 91 (up 10). Ages: less then 1 to 101. 51% female, 49% female. 38,375 tested.

13 confirmed cases in Allen County.

From Gov. DeWine:
-OSU and Health Department helping with test kits in the next few days.
-almost 49,000 prisoners in Ohio currently. We are sending letters suggesting that 23 women might be released early- Group #1: pregnant or have a child in the jail. Group #2: 15 inmates over 60 years old and have 60 or less days until release date. No major infractions in prisons, no warrants in other states, not violent offenders, sex offenders, DV offenders, or murders. Normal notices, etc. will be sent out. Any releases will ultimately be up the judges who hear the case originally (or the judge now sitting in that seat). List of names will be available.

Major General Jon Harris:
-Focused on bed build outs.
-Applying lessons from experiences of other states and countries.
-build outs will focus on care for less ill patients. And will be different for each region.
-lots of people involved in the planning and coordinating these build outs.
-ONG still helping with food banks and PPE donations.
-Cyber Hygiene: with the increased amount of at home workers: change WIFI passwords, update antivirus software

Lt. Gov. Husted:
-Get your absentee ballot to vote.
-Battelle will be sanitizing masks for FREE for the next 2 weeks. Healthcare facilities, please get your masks to Battelle. Go to their website for more info.

Dr. Acton:
-More data will be added to website.
-If someone is sick, we need not fear them. We need to protect ourselves but help those who are sick.