Ohio Department of Agriculture Ride Safety Board met on August 9. The meeting was short and included some unexplained actions. Although still listed as a board member until 2019, Al Bozich seemed to be removed from the board and a representative of the Columbus Zoo appointed was introduced. Mr. Bozich was in attendance and the department declined to explain his removal. Possible use of Drones for amusement ride inspection was briefly explained. A summary indicating 10 violations written including 7 inflatable companies and 3 hard ride companies was reported. No comments were presented about the most recent Ohio State Fair accident. Of interest to inflatable companies, HB49 provisions were read indicating the reduction of licensing fees to be less than $105, Prorated fee basis, and addition of 2 inflatable industry representatives. Provisions of bil should take effect approx. October 1. OIOA has three applications from worthy candidates submitted for these positions created. Although abbreviated minutes including highlighted issues from the meeting, the overall length of the meeting was very short. The next ODA meeting will be Thursday October 26.